We help entrepreneurs with labour law, corporate law, intellectual property law and real estate law. By taking a personal and transparent approach, also financially, we distinguish ourselves from the classical legal profession.

Our specialised lawyers are keen to work together to find the best solution for you. They do this by giving (strategic) advice, providing practical and/or structural solutions and via mediation, as well as through litigation. We understand and recognise the wishes and interests of our entrepreneurs, because we are entrepreneurs too.

The Legal Group is therefore also valued by clients for its transparency and personal approach. We are also known for our creativity and not entirely unimportant, our enjoyment in our work and each other.

New Legal

Entrepreneurs constantly encounter legal challenges which can result in high costs and financial problems if fast and effective action is not taken. That’s why we thought up a suitable solution for all entrepreneurs. ‘New Legal’: legal support for a fixed monthly sum.

National & International.

TLG works at national and international level. For expats, international companies doing business in the Netherlands and for Dutch companies operating abroad.

‘Work hard, play hard’.

Sport plays an important role in our firm. It’s not only fun to do, it also sharpens the mind. And that’s important in our profession.