michelle seel

Intellectual property law – media law – privacy

Michelle joined The Legal Group in 2020 as a team member of our Intellectual Property team.

Michelle has a special interest in (music) copyright and neighbouring rights. The love for music is part of her upbringing. Because she has, as she says herself, insufficient musical talent to be able to realise performances at the highest level, she therefore decided to study the legal side of this practice. This led to a Master’s degree in Information Law, completed with a thesis on DJ live streams and platform liability in the current online regime.

Michelle has good substantive knowledge of copyright and trademark law. She also deals with privacy-related issues, unlawful publications and freedom of expression. The world in motion; that is what interests Michelle. The fast pace of work, the many legal and digital developments which make the distribution and copying of protected works increasingly easy, continue to intrigue her on a daily basis. Her outspoken opinion and good sense of humour makes her a very pleasant partner.


E: michelle@thelegalgroup.nl
T: +31(0)20 37 92 321

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