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De Lairessestraat 107
1071 NX Amsterdam

TLG – Kantoor Den Haag

TLG – Kantoor Den Haag

Badhuisweg 84
2587 CL Den Haag

TLG – Kantoor Rotterdam

TLG – Kantoor Rotterdam

Veerkade 1
3016 DE Rotterdam

Sarah de Graaf

Employment law | Sports law

As long as it’s dynamic and rapidly changing, it suits Sarah. The youngest lawyer on the TLG. team and always ready for a legal challenge. In addition to her specialization, the shifts in the employment law market are also something she keeps a close eye on in order to always provide her clients with appropriate and clear advice. Always personal, always with a smile! In addition, because of her interest in sports, she is also actively involved in sports law.

Sarah successfully completed her Master Labor Law at the University of Amsterdam.





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Employment law piqued Sarah’s interest because it is an area of law that is constantly evolving. The new forms of work ensure that the job market is and remains dynamic, innovative and therefore fascinating. For this reason, her thesis also had platform work as its subject with Equal Treatment Law as its angle. She likes to keep a close eye on how the various relations in labor continue to develop.