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TLG – Kantoor Den Haag

TLG – Kantoor Den Haag

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TLG – Kantoor Rotterdam

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Thierry Brinkman

Intellectual Property | Corporate law | Tech | Entertainment and sport

In addition to his sports career as a professional field hockey player at HC Bloemendaal, Thierry Brinkman works at TLG. as a legal assistant. He combines his knowledge and passion for top sports with the legal side of the sports world. We had the pleasure of welcoming Thierry as an intern before and are delighted with this great addition to our team.

During his Law studies and his Master’s degree in Business Law, Thierry played hockey at top level. A combination that requires dedication, discipline and flexibility, qualities that we strongly welcome within TLG. In addition to his work for TLG., Thierry is focusing on preparing for the 2024 Olympics.

Most impactful case?
‘It’s not specifically a case, but what I really like is that my work at The Legal Group and my position at the Dutch Hockey Team intersect. Because TLG. manages and monitors the portrait rights of the Dutch field hockey internationals, Diederik, Pien and/or Lorraine occasionally visit the Dutch Hockey Team to give an explanation around portrait rights and the Image Rights Management Foundation (SBI). Not only very interesting, but it is also very useful that I can give some extra input to my own teammates of the Dutch national team when necessary.’

Geregistreerde rechtsgebieden

Thierry received his Bachelor’s degree in Law from Utrecht University in 2021, followed by a Master’s degree in Business Law from Leiden University. He successfully completed this in 2022.